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A little bit about our company and our mission...

    At Core Energy our mission is to build and convert as many homes as possible to
solar energy.
Solar paneling and wind systems can supply  reusable energy power for domestic or commercial use and save loads on electricity costs, while still being in sync with the environment. 

    Core Energy has been in business for over 5 years and specializes in solar
paneling for roofing and ground mounts and pre- fabricated kits for self installations. Our reputable customer service puts us among the elite of this innovative technology. Our staff has over 40 years of installing  and customer service experience.
    Core Energy was created using over 40 years experience in DC  power systems. Now we want to use our experience to help the planet. We find a purpose to work each day doing something good and worthwhile. Our goal is to ensure the future of our planet and the future of our families, one home at a time. 
    Here at Core Energy, we view the cost of efficiency of our work as if it were our own. In other words, when we are working on your home, you can rest assured that we work with diligence and precision.
    At Core Energy, we treat each customer as we would our family. We are dedicated to helping our planet by developing and using reusable energy. We are proud to work with solar, wind and recycled products; and we will continue through research and development  to find new and better ways to harness ecological growth. As a sign of our good faith in this exciting new technology, a portion of all our profits will go to research and development teams who have just tapped the surface of a much deeper industry. 

Call us today and find out what energy should look like.

                   You'll like what you see!         


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